Carmen Best

Carmen Best is the Energy Efficiency Commercial Programs & Evaluation Supervisor at the California Public Utilities Commission.

Carmen has played an active role in shaping California energy efficiency evaluation, plus she has oversight responsibility for commercial energy efficiency programs. At the Commission, she focuses heavily on the core elements of evaluation inputs and outputs—data and reporting—and currently oversees the prioritization, planning, and execution of California’s largest energy efficiency research portfolio.

Carmen is passionate about the value of evaluation for sound policy and decision-making. Her current position offers countless opportunities to support energy efficiency both in California and around the world by supporting the development of accurate, timely, and relevant information for energy resource planning.

Carmen holds a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she was introduced to the world of energy efficiency and analyzed it as a tool for economic development. Her long-term perspective on climate change issues is grounded in a Geology degree from the University of North Dakota.
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