Dominick Guarino

Dominick Guarino is currently serving as Co-Chair of the WHPA Council of Advisors while serving as Chairman and CEO at National Comfort Institute (NCI).

As NCI’s Chairman and CEO, Dominick Guarino has grown the company from the ground up (alongside co-founder and President Rob Falke) into the HVAC industry's largest independent training and certification organization. He co-founded NCI in 1994, and NCI has grown into a premier membership organization focused on every aspect of helping HVAC contractors.

Guarino oversees all aspects of operations, new product introductions, and sales and marketing for the company. He also manages NCI's business management, sales, and soft skills training team. He presides over NCI conferences and participates in HVAC industry conferences and meetings.

Guarino has worked in management positions in a variety of industries for over 30 years with extensive experience in curriculum development, technical services, and factory repairs for all product lines, training, and service techs.

He started as an Associate Editor at Contracting Business Magazine at Penton Media in 1987, and in 1991 became Penton’s Chief Editor and eventually their Associate Publisher of Contracting Business and Energy & Environmental Management Magazine.

As Chairman and CEO of NCI, his primary professional goal has been to raise the bar and level of professionalism in the HVACR industry. A number of years ago, he coined the phrase, "If You Don't Measure, You're Just Guessing." This sums up how the HVAC industry can become more professional and accountable—through measured results.

His specialties include writing, editing, curriculum development, general management, business management training, sales training, and technical training.
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