Jeanne Duvall

Jeanne Duvall serves as Co-Chair of the WHPA Executive Committee. Prior to that appointment, she served as Co-Chair of the Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan (EBEE) Committee.

Ms. Duvall is Senior Program Manager at Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and manages all aspects of EE program strategy, implementation, and operations for specific programs contracted to external parties that deliver targeted EE programs and services to end-use customers. In addition to program strategy, she ensures that programs are operating effectively; and she manages internal team data and information processes of energy and budget forecasting, project “pipelines,” systems tracking of accomplished savings, and expenditures.

Her specialties are:
  • Leadership ~ to influence and optimize people to meet objectives
  • Project Management ~ to execute successful projects on time and within scope and budget
  • Problem Solving ~ to creatively solve small to seemingly impossible issues
  • Collaborative Team Player ~ to display positive work ethic in a lead role or as team member
  • Architect, Construction Manager, and Real Estate Broker ~ to uniquely see projects from all disciplines
Jeanne is an accomplished project manager with an extensive background in construction management, architecture, and real estate. While obtaining her MBA at UC Davis, she worked at the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center.
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