Council of Advisors Goal 1 Deliverables – Introducing the WHPA

The Council of Advisors adopted a goal for 2016 to “Represent the WHPA, its activities, and work products by communicating this information through current member organizations and other companies to the HVAC market. This may be done through industry publications, newsletters, websites, etc.”

As part of the completion of this goal, the following deliverables were created under the guidance of the COA. A full set of these deliverables was sent to each COA member, with the content in the “WHPA Member Participation PPT” customized to reflect the individual engagement in the WHPA by that member organization.

All current members of the WHPA are eligible to use any of these deliverables.

If you have questions, or wish assistance with customization, please contact Judy Johnson, WHPA Staff,
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