Mission and Structure

The mission of the Compliance Committee is to provide recommendations to support consistent and effective compliance, enforcement, and verification of applicable building and appliance standards.

The Compliance Committee reports to the Executive Committee. To see the complete WHPA organization chart, click here.The Compliance Committee Chair is Bob Barks (CALBO).

2016-2017 SMART Goal Topics

  1. Develop a Compliance Definition Matrix.
  2. Develop a White Paper offering suggested solutions to understanding the Compliance Shortfall based on the gaps and barriers identified in the WHPA EBEE Committee’s Work Product I.
  3. Support a Working Group focused on exploring Online Permitting as established with the adoption of the January 2016 - Online Permitting for Residential HVAC Alterations - An Industry Stakeholder Roadmap.
Click here to view the Committee's Implementation Plans.  
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