Strategic Plan Goal 3

This goal is concerned with whole building performance. The goal is stated as building industry design and construction practices that fully integrate building performance to reduce cooling and heating loads.

Both the Residential and Commercial Sector Chapters address the need for “whole building”
design and implementation in California, in order to achieve truly aggressive energy efficiency savings. One key goal of this overall effort must be building performance that improves space conditioning, by dramatically reducing cooling and heating loads. Fundamental changes will be needed in current design and building practices. Specific design and building changes addressing HVAC performance include:
  • Placing more emphasis on the whole building as a complete interactive system and improving the thermal integrity of the building shell to reduce heating and cooling loads.
  • Moving ducts and equipment off the roof and out of hot attics.
  • Incorporating ductless systems, radiant heating and cooling, ground source heat pumps and thermal energy storage technologies with overall higher efficiencies. The Residential and Commercial Sector Chapters address behavioral change strategies to promote whole building design and implementation. Those strategies must include a focus on the HVAC industry in particular.
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