Open Invitation to Join ASHRAE Std. 180 Committee; Deadline August 15

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  AUGUST 2014

Great Opportunity to Join ASHRAE Committee on Commercial
Maintenance Standards; Applications Due by August 15

Standard 180 Revision Has Nationwide Impact

Hurry and sign up, because this opportunity won’t last long!

WHPA members are invited to submit applications to join the newly-approved Committee to consider revisions to Standard 180 (formal name ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180; Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial-Building HVAC Systems).

Standard 180 is arguably the most influential standards work for HVAC commercial maintenance worldwide. Bob Baker, Co-Chair of the WHPA Executive Committee and an ASHRAE Fellow, urged WHPA members to volunteer and participate in the Standard 180 Revision Committee.

Benefits of Committee Membership

  1. Make an impact on US and worldwide HVAC policy
  2. Influence utility standards-based program design
  3. Work with other leaders in commercial HVAC maintenance
  4. Prestige of membership in ASHRAE committee

Mark Lowry, Chief of Staff of the WHPA, commented “ASHRAE and ACCA have been very receptive to WHPA input to Standard 180.  Previous WHPA recommendations including economizer considerations have influenced amendments to the Standard.

Mr. Lowry continued, “The CQM Maintenance Task Working Group released a 45-page report in June that was highly influential in triggering formation of this Standard 180 Revision Committee. Industry stakeholders nationwide support WHPA recommendations to operationalize the Standard, with the Working Group providing a model for how that can be done.”

Based on the momentum from the Maintenance Task Working Group Report, one of the first orders of business of the Standard 180 Revision Committee is likely to include development of a commercial maintenance user guide. Tom Paxson, P.E., an ASHRAE Life Member and Vice Chairman of the original Standard 180 Committee, is chair of this new Committee.

Applicants for the Committee are required to complete an ASHRAE volunteer applications process by the Friday, August 15 date. There is no fee for the submission, nor is a paid membership in ASHRAE required. CLICK HERE for application information.

Purpose and Scope of Standard 180

This is the official ASHRAE description of the “famous” Standard 180, perhaps the most significant commercial HVAC standard in the world. It is a joint standard of ANSI, ACCA, and ASHRAE.

SPC 180-2012R, Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial-Building HVAC Systems

The purpose of this standard is to establish minimum HVAC inspection and maintenance requirements that preserve a system’s ability to achieve acceptable thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality in commercial buildings.

2.1 This standard provides minimum requirements for the HVAC system inspection and maintenance practice in new and existing buildings. Where specifically noted in this standard, different requirements apply.

2.2 The provisions of this standard do not apply to:
2.2.1 Single-family houses or multi-family structures of three or fewer stories above grade.
2.2.2 HVAC equipment and portions of building systems that primarily provide for industrial, manufacturing, or commercial processes.
2.2.3 Other building HVAC systems or elements of building HVAC systems that this standard specifically identifies.
2.3 This standard shall not be used to circumvent any safety, health, or environmental requirements

Volunteer Chair Sought for new WHPA DEER Committee
Influence CA IOU programs and energy policy

A major 2014 WHPA initiative is to establish an Energy Savings and Data Base of Energy Efficient Resources (DEER) Committee. The mission of this Committee is to serve as a liaison between HVAC industry and DEER, WO32 and other Energy Efficiency regulations by actively engaging in the DEER update process and by providing useful and relevant input into the HVAC research roadmap and the current program cycle research plan.

It’s August, and the WHPA is still looking for a Chair in order to start this Committee.

This is a tough volunteer position, but a very important one. At stake is how much energy savings credit California's investor owned utilities (IOUs) receive from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for their HVAC programs. By extension, these energy savings credits reflect on the societal value of HVAC goods and services.  If the savings are underestimated, so is the industry's potential contribution to the achievement of energy efficiency goals.

This volunteer position will receive full WHPA staff support, including in the recruiting of committee members. A working brief outlining milestones in pursuit of the committee's goals awaits a dedicated leader to launch.

If you are interested in discussing this position, as the Chair or as a participant, please contact Mark Lowry, WHPA Chief of Staff, by emailing or calling (224) 409-5577.

SCE Expands Programs Beyond CQM

Building on their Commercial Quality Maintenance (CQM) program, Southern California Edison (SCE) recently introduced Quality Renovation (QR) and Early Retirement (ER) programs.

Mel Johnson, departing SCE Manager-Program/Projects, explained “These programs are critical to addressing the summer peak issue with the closure of SONGS.  What is critical to note is, with the launch of Quality Renovation, contractors can now offer QM Measures (Cooling Service Analysis) without requiring a Maintenance Agreement.  This is a valuable proposition for customers who can’t, or are hesitant to, enter into a three-year contract. All it takes is successful completion of Quality Renovation training and enrollment with the program team.”

To learn more about these programs, click here.
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