EBEE - Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan


WHPA Annual In-Person Leadership Meeting

Breakout Session: EBEE - Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan

Day #1, Thursday, November 17, 2016 (2:15am – 5:00pm)

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Breakout Sessions

Locations (Rooms)



Note Takers

Group 1

Santa Rose

Strategy 1.2: Concentration on Sub-Strategies 1.2.4, 1.2.5

Bob Wiseman

Paul Kyllo

Group 2

Santa Monica

Strategy 1.8: Concentration on Sub-Strategy 1.8.2 & Potential EE Bidder Challenges #3, #4

Charles Segerstrom

Shea Dibble

Group 3


Strategy 1.9: Concentration on CAEECC Goals #5, #6, #7 & Cal TF Bullets #3, #4

Barbara Hernesman

Elsia Galawish

Group 4

San Jose

Strategy 1.9: Concentration on Sub-Strategy 1.9.6

Pepper Hunziker

Bob Sundberg

Group 5

San Gabriel

Strategy 3.3: Concentration on Sub-Strategy 3.3.7 (SB 350)

Jim Caldwell

Ellen Steiner

Instructions and Guiding Questions

  1. Focus on the highlighted content in the breakout group specific reference documents* available at each breakout location.
  2. Where applicable, prioritize the Sub-Strategies/Content in terms of importance to the HVAC industry?
  3. Identify which Sub-Strategies/Content the WHPA can act on?
  4. For the Sub-Strategies/Content identified as those WHPA can act on …
    1. Which Committees should work on these Sub-Strategies/Content?
    2. What type of member categories should be represented when working on these Sub-Strategies/Content?
    3. What does the WHPA need to be educated on to be able to address these Sub-Strategies/Content?
    4. Are there any initial gaps and barriers related to these Sub-Strategies/Content?
    5. What initial recommendations should be considered for these Sub-Strategies/Content?
  5. From your stakeholder perspective, what type of questions would you like the EBEE Committee to address for these Sub-Strategies/Content?

Historical Reference Documents (thru the HVAC Lens)

  1. EBEE Work Product I – EBEE Action Plan Alignment Table (Gaps & Barriers)
  2. Interim Work Product – Final Draft EBEE Action Plan 2016 Update Recommendations
  3. EBEE Work Product II Final Draft Recommendations Reported to CEC Staff
  4. EBEE-AP Update Chapter 1 Policy Update thru Timeline Chart

*Group Specific Reference Documents (EBEE-AP Update Yellow Highlights)<

  1. Group 1: EBEE-AP Update Strategy 1.2 – Breakout Resource
  2. Group 2: EBEE-AP Update Strategy 1.8 – Breakout Resource
  3. Group 3: EBEE-AP Update Strategy 1.9 – Group 3 Breakout Resource
  4. Group 4:
    1. EBEE-AP Update Strategy 1.9 – Group 4 Breakout Resource
    2. EBEE Work Product I - Strategy 1.9 Gaps and Barriers
  5. Group 5: EBEE-AP Update Strategy 3.3 Breakout Resource
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