We are Now Western HVAC Performance Alliance Inc.

Western HVAC Performance Alliance Inc. (WHPA) is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation providing, conducting and promoting research and education focused on energy efficiency, environmental quality, and sustainability through the HVAC lens. The organization was initially founded in 2009 as the unincorporated entity known as the Western HVAC Performance Alliance in response to the portion of the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan (CEESP) that reads: "An HVAC Advisory Group should be chartered to involve high-level HVAC industry stakeholders—such as manufacturers, distributors, and contractors—to coordinate industry sponsorship of and participation in HVAC strategies. Membership should also include other key players, such as the CPUC, Energy Commission, utilities, building owners/managers, consumers, and the Federal government."

WHPA’s Officers, Board of Directors, Members, and Staff act as a broad and diverse stakeholder advisory group whose collective expertise informs the development and implementation of efficiency policy and programs focused on topics such as HVAC workforce education and training, HVAC system specifications, code compliance, proper installation, system commissioning, operation, service, and maintenance, plus emerging HVAC technologies, and has influenced activities of the California Energy Commission (CEC), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the California Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs), and other interested parties.

More information about our historical organization is available on this website, which will be merged into our new website, coming soon at whpa-inc.org.

For more information, please email us at info@whpa-inc.org.

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