Staff Support Notice To WHPA Members


WHPA Members,

As mentioned at the end of our September 1, 2017 correspondence with you, the IOU managed, ratepayer funded, staff support contract for WHPA Committees and Working groups is not being continued into 2018. Better Buildings, Inc. (BBI) is the contractor that has provided WHPA staff support since inception of the WHPA.

In order to ramp down and meet final contractual obligations by December, 31, 2017, it has been determined that WHPA staff support for the Committees and Working groups will cease October 31, 2017.

The Executive Committee and the recently-formed Stakeholder Engagement Committee will continue beyond October 31 for such purposes as approving work products, determining future activities, etc.

With many such work products in process, WHPA Committee and Working Group Chairs should work with their staff support to determine work product completion, future Committee/Working Group activities, etc.

Cessation of IOU-managed, ratepayer funded staff support does not mean Committees and Working Groups must end. WHPA groups can continue and consider operating in a member-supported mode, and/or look for other resources to support them.

For additional information or to direct questions, comments or concerns you may have, please contact one or more of the following IOU HVAC Statewide Team leads:

SDG&E - Paul Thomas (
SCE - Scott Higa (
PG&E - Mark Salavitch (
SoCalGas - Harvey Bringas (


The WHPA Executive Committee

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