Apply by Aug. 15 for New ASHRAE Std. 180 Committee; Seeking Experts on CQM

A re-activated Standard 180 Committee was fast-tracked through the summer ASHRAE meeting by WHPA CO-Chair Bob Baker, an ASHRAE Fellow, and other supporters.

WHPA members and industry experts on commercial quality maintenance are invited to submit applications to join the newly-approved Committee to consider revisions to Standard 180 (formal name ASHRAE/ACCA/ANSI Standard 180; Standard Practice for Inspection of and Maintenance of Commercial-Building HVAC Systems).

There is no fee to join this ASHRAE Committee; however ASHRAE requires a formal application and other documents. All applications must be received by Friday, August 15.

Further information about applying can be found below.

How to Apply to Join ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Revision Committee


ASHRAE is a prestigious international ANSI standards development organization, and as such they have a process to follow in order to apply to become a member on an ASHRAE project committee. An individual does not have to be a paid ASHRAE member to volunteer to participate on this or any other standard project committee but each person MUST complete the project committee membership process at ASHRAE.

The information below is to help WHPA members who are not familiar with ASHRAE navigate the steps to apply for the Standard 180 Revision Committee. Please note all necessary paperwork must be received no later than Friday, August 15. 2014.

If you have questions about the ASHRAE application process, please contact Stephanie Reiniche at ASHRAE, 1791 Tullie Circle, N.E., Atlanta, GA 30329; phone: 678-539-1143; fax: 678-539-2143; email .

The following actions are part of the application process.

  1. If you are an ASHRAE member you will need to update your biographical information by logging into your profile and reviewing each section. To access the bio system please click here.
  2. If you are not an ASHRAE member you will need to get an ASHRAE log-on with password, which will generate an assigned ID # . To obtain an ID please click here. You will need to enter information in the biographical report.
  3. Complete and sign an Application for Membership form (already filled in with the name of the Standard 180 Revisions committee. This can be scanned and emailed to
  4. Complete and sign a Bias/Conflict of Interest form This can be sent with the application for membership form.
  5. If interested in just following the project committee you may sign up for the ASHRAE Standards Action list serve at by clicking here. All call for members, public reviews, interim meetings and publications will be announced here.

Persons who are interested in serving on this ASHRAE committees may also obtain the necessary membership forms by clicking here.

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