The mission of this Working Group is to work through Table 5 of ASHRAE Standard 180 to provide practical guidance and sequencing of commercial maintenance tasks for contractors and technicians.  

2016 SMART Goal Topics

  1. Develop a draft outline of a scope of the Standard 180 User Manual for submission to ASHRAE

Reporting Structure and Committee Status

CQM Standard 180 Maintenance Task Working Group reports to the Commercial Quality Maintenance (CQM) Committee. The CQM Committee reports to the Executive Committee. To see the complete WHPA organization chart, click here.

Dale Rossi (FDSI) is the Chair of this Working Group.

The CQM Standard 180 Maintenance Task Working Group is currently active and is not recruiting. If you have questions or comments for the Working Group, please contact Wendy Worrell of the WHPA Staff by
clicking here.  

Working Group Work Product

  1. CQM Committee ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Maintenance Task Working Group Report – Interim Report

Commentary on Interim Report
On February 27, 2010, the Commercial Quality Maintenance Committee, later renamed the Maintenance Task Working Group, issued an interim report of their findings on basic / fundamental tasking. As a result of the work done by this Tasking Committee, they were able to influence and propose a change in subsequent versions of the Standard 180.

  1. CQM Committee ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Maintenance Task Working Group Report – Table 5-22 Rooftop Units

Commentary on Report
The Commercial Quality Maintenance Committee Maintenance Task Working Group prepared this report on ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Table 5-22 Rooftop Units as the first in a series of reports that will be issued by the Working Group in the 2014-2015 timeframe. This first report looks specifically at many of the maintenance tasks listed in Table 5-22 that are related to DX packaged/rooftop equipment. The report provides an expert explanation of the tasks as well as additional guidance for technicians performing maintenance related to these tasks. It was adopted June 11, 2014 by the WHPA Executive Committee.

The review of Standard 180 is not yet complete and this report is only intended to be one of several such documents. The Working Group has identified several areas within Standard 180 that will need a much more comprehensive review and these areas will be addressed by this and at least one other Working Group well into 2015. The areas identified for additional review include: Table 5-22, Task n (Check Refrigerant System) – estimated completion in October, 2014 Table 5-12, Tasks a-k (Economizers) – estimated completion in May, 2015

  1. CQM Committee ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Maintenance Task Working Group Report – Refrigeration Cycle Performance - System Performance Analysis

Commentary on Report
The CQM Committee appointed the Maintenance Task Working Group to complete a detailed review of refrigeration cycle performance for the purpose of informing the California Utility Programs and users of ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180. The Working Group established the following four objectives for this report:

1. To determine the meaning of acceptable refrigeration cycle performance
1a. To try to find a way to bring the airflow centered view and the refrigeration cycle view of equipment performance together with simple and realistic tasks in the field.
2. To determine how to detect unacceptable performance in a maintenance context.
3. To determine the maintenance tasks required to produce or maintain acceptable performance.
4. To document any other pieces of information that the work group feels is informative about this subject.

  1. CQM Committee ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Maintenance Task Working Group Report – Table 5-12 Economizer Maintenance

Commentary on Report
This is the third in a series of CQM Committee Maintenance Task Working Group Reports focused on Standard 180 Economizer Table 5-12. It is intended to summarize suggested revisions to this maintenance task table within Standard 180. The suggested revisions include revisions to current task descriptions, suggested addition of new tasks and the elimination of others. Similar to earlier working group Standard 180 reports, the working group intent was to go well beyond the original task description statements to address: understanding the economizer as a system; how to verify the function of economizer system components; how to verify that various user configurable settings are appropriate to the current application; how to verify the functionality of the system (check out); document recommended tools which may be required when working on economizer systems.

In order to accomplish this, each suggested task description may include the Working Group's:

  1. understanding of the meaning of the task; guidance to technicians regarding acceptable/unacceptable performance
  2. guidance to technician when performing the maintenance task; impact of unacceptable condition or performance; definition of terms
  3. recommended best practices and minimum standards
  4. recommended instrumentation requirements
  5. recommended timing for task frequency
  6. examples of specific procedures.

The working group addressed newer digital as well as traditional analog economizer systems including development of a digital economizer check out procedure. The working group also addressed economizer systems with integrated CO2 sensor based demand control ventilation functionality.


Reference Material

 ANSI/ACCA/ASHRAE Standard 180 is the primary reference for this Working Group.  This is a licensed document which may be purchased from an issuing organization.

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