CQM Standard 180 User Guide (Technical) Working Group


The ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 is abstract and not easy to absorb quickly.  There is a recognized need to​ ​develop a user guide to support the industry in implementing the standard as intended. The framework for the User Guide is conceptualized to include:

  1. Introduction to and Overview of Standard 180
  2. Communicating, Selling, and Buying Standard 180-based Maintenance
  3. Making a Maintenance Program
  4. Implementing a Maintenance Program
    1. Measurement
    2. Data Collection
    3. Report Making and Review
  5. Validating Standard 180-based Maintenance Program
  6. Conclusion

Due to the effort involved and the skills needed to product the content, the Working Group proposes to tackle the technical aspects of the guide, including introduction to and overview of Standard 180, Making a Maintenance Program, Implementing a maintenance program; and part of the Validating Standard 180-based Maintenance Program. The complementary sales and communications aspects of the guide will be developed by the CQM Standard 180 User Guide – Customer Communications Working Group in parallel to this Working Group.

Reporting Structure and Committee Status

The CQM Standard 180 (Technical) User Guide Working Group reports to the Commercial Quality Maintenance (CQM) Committee. The CQM Committee reports to the Executive Committee. To see the complete WHPA organization chart, click here.

Marc Pickett (AMS) is Chair and Rick Danks (ASHRAE) is Vice-Chair of this Working Group. The CQM Standard 180 User Guide Working Group is currently recruiting.

2017 SMART Goal Topics

  1. Launch 2017 CQM Standard 180 User Guide Working Group
  2. Develop Standard 180 User Guide Focusing on the Technical Implementation of Section 4
Click here to view the Working Group's Implementation Plans.
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