WHPA Newsletters and E-Blasts

Thanks, WHPA Members, for Another Record Year!  -  PDF version March 2017
2015 EMV Draft Reports release dates and webinar dates  -  PDF version February 2017
California Program Administrators File Business Plans January 2017
CEC Commissioner Shares California’s Ambitious HVAC Goals  -  PDF version December 2016
Recent CAEECC Announcements  -  PDF version December 2016
Recruiting HVAC Technicians for the Next Decade  -  PDF version of Special Feature October 2016
Notice of 2016 Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan Workshop - PDF Version October 2016
California Program Administrators Draft Business Plan Input Deadline: Nov 21st - PDF version October 2016
REMINDER: CPUC HVAC EM&V Research Roadmap Webinar Today - PDF version October 2016
Invitation to WHPA Baseline Webinar - PDF version September 2016
California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee - PDF version September 2016
Comments Requested on HVAC3 NTG Evaluation of ’13-’14 CQM Programs - PDF version September 2016
Webinar Invitation and Request for Comments on HVAC Roadmap Update - PDF version September 2016
Recently Adopted CPUC Energy Efficiency Proposed Decision - PDF version August 2016
CPUC’s Carmen Best Talks HVAC - PDF version July 2016
Proposed Decision filed by ALJ/FITCH/CPUC on 07/19/2016 - PDF version July 2016
Invitation to 7/20 CPUC Webinar on DEER - PDF version July 2016
SCE Webinar 7/14: High Opportunity Programs or Projects (HOPPs) - PDF version July 2016
CPUC Seeks Party Comments On SW and 3P Programs - PDF version May 2016
Comments on Baseline Policy Due Tuesday, May 17th - PDF version May 2016
WHPA Newsletter - Big Plans for 2016 - PDF version April 2016
WHPA Webinar on CA Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee - PDF version March 2016
Invitation to Participate in Energy Efficiency Business Plan Development - PDF version March 2016
Invitation to 3/8 Webinar on HVAC CQM Evaluation - PDF version March 2016
WHPA Aims to Improve Quality Maintenance - PDF version January 2016
HVAC Roadmap Update - PDF Version November 2015
Comments - Code Compliance Incentive Pilot and RQI Programs - PDF Version October 2015
Invitation to DEER Tools Demonstration Webinar - PDF Version October 2015
Cost Effectiveness Testing Webinar, Testing FDD Tools, and More - PDF Version October 2015
Joint Utilities Workforce Education & Training Stakeholder Engagement Forum - PDF Version September 2015
Invitation to HVAC Cost Effectiveness Testing Educational Webinar - PDF Version August 2015
ASHRAE Std. 180 progress; Must Read study on HVAC technician behavior - PDF Version July 2015
7/31 Deadline for Comments – 2016 Residential Compliance Manual - PDF Version July 2015
7/15 Deadline for Comments – CPUC Upstream Draft Research Plan - PDF Version July 2015
6/12 Deadline for Comments - Joint EM&V Plan - PDF Version June 2015
Invitation to CPUC Webinar on Two HVAC Plans - PDF Version May 2015
WHPA Ramps Up Collaboration with CEC and CPUC - PDF Version April 2015
April 23 ASHRAE webcast on Existing Building Commissioning - PDF Version March 2015
Increase the Number of HVAC Efficiency Projects - PDF Version March 2015
Attention Members: DEER Scope Webinar TOMORROW - PDF Version March 2015
Comments Requested - Potential Title 24 Impact to HVAC - PDF Version February 2015
Jan. 16 IOU's Stakeholder Forum to discuss the DVC WE&T Guidance Plan - PDF Version January 2015
WHPA Meeting Engages HVAC Energy Efficiency Community - PDF Version December 2014
Three WHPA Groups Deliver Valuable Industry Input - PDF Version October 2014
Open Invitation to Join ASHRAE Std. 180 Committee; Deadline August 15 - PDF Version August 2014
RTU Maintenance Task Report Finalized - PDF Version June 2014
Broader HVAC View in New CA Energy Plan - PDF Version April 2014
WHPA Committee and Working Group Support - PDF Version April 2014
How The CPUC Estimates Potential Energy Savings - PDF Version February 2014
2014 Goals, Economizers, and More - PDF Version January 2014
COA Energized for 2014; FDD Report Recognized by EC September 2013
DEER2013 Update Draft Commenting September 2013
DEER 101 Training for WHPA Members September 2013
DEER Workshop - Message from Simon Baker, CPUC July 2013
ASHRAE’s Bob Baker is New Co-Chair: Updated Charter Provides Clarity June 2013
Too Many Economizers Aren’t Working and What We’re Going To Do About It March 2013
HVAC Stakeholders Discuss Key Issues in November Meetings December 2012
Public Forum on Agenda of WHPA Meeting in Pasadena October 2012
Two Residential QI Reports August 2012
Meet the New WHPA Leadership Team January 2012
New WHPA Volunteer Opportunities September 2011
ICN Article September 2011
First Issue of Western HVAC Performance Alliance Newsletter August 2011
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