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Workforce Research2016Advanced Energy Jobs in California; results of the 2016 California Advanced Energy Employment Survey.Advanced Energy Economy Institute
Workforce ResearchOct. 2016HVAC Contractors Study, 2016sponsored by AHRI/ACCA/PHCC and published by HVACR Business. 
Workforce ResearchSept. 2016.Workforce Barriers to Meeting California’s Energy Efficiency Mandates.California Community Colleges Workforce and Economic Development
Human Behavior and Market ResearchJun. 2016PY2013-2014 California Statewide Workforce Education and Training ProgramOpinion Dynamics
Program EvaluationJun. 2016Impact Evaluation Plan for 2013-2015 Home Upgrade ProgramsDNV GL
Program EvaluationMay 2016Focused Impact Evaluation of the 2013-2014 Home Upgrade ProgramDNV GL
Workforce ResearchMar. 2016A Workforce for California SB 350 – Integral to Achieving Clean Energy & Carbon Reduction Mandates.California Community Colleges Workforce and Economic Development.
Workforce ResearchSept. 2015Executive Summary - The HVACR Workforce: Demand Heats up as Supply Melts Away: A projection of the coming shortfall of HVACR Workers and how to fix it.HVACR Workforce Development Foundation
Workforce ResearchSept. 2015Supply Report —The Next Generation of HVACR Installers and Technicians.HVACR Workforce Development Foundation
Workforce ResearchSept. 2015Demand Report — Heating up: The Sweltering Demand for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Workers, prepared by Burning Glass Technologies.
HVACR Workforce Development Foundation.
Workforce ResearchMay 2015Workforce Issues and Energy Efficiency Programs: A Plan for California’s UtilitiesUC Berkeley Don Vial Center on the Green Economy.
Human Behavior and Market ResearchApr. 2015California HVAC Contractor & Technician Behavior Study, Phase IIEMI Consulting
Human Behavior and Market ResearchMar. 2015statii graficeEMI Consulting
Technology ResearchDec. 2014curs valutarNIST, NBI, CEC, Purdue University
Human Behavior and Market ResearchOct. 2014Thermostats Can’t Fix This: Case Studies on Advanced Thermostat Field TestsUniversity of California
Technology ResearchSep. 2014Sensitivity Analysis of Installation Faults on Heat Pump PerformanceNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Technology ResearchJul. 2014Evaluating Fault Detection and Diagnostics Protocols Applied to Air-Cooled Vapor Compression Air ConditionersPurdue University
Technology ResearchJun. 2014clinica kinetoterapieUniversity of California, Davis
Technology ResearchFeb. 2014Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Currently Utilized Diagnostic ProtocolsRay W. Herrick Laboratories
Purdue University
Technology ResearchDec. 2012A Method for Evaluating Diagnostic Protocols for Packaged Air Conditioning EquipmentPurdue University
Technology ResearchOct. 2012Rooftop HVAC Fault Detection and DiagnosticsWestern Cooling Efficiency Center, UC Davis
Human Behavior and Market ResearchSep. 2012California HVAC Contractor & Technician Behavior Study, Phase IEnergy Market Innovations, Inc.
Western Cooling Efficiency Center, UC Davis
Verified, Inc.
Better Buildings, Inc.
Technology ResearchJun. 2012Uncertainties in Achieving Energy Savings from HVAC Maintenance Measures in the FieldWestern Cooling Efficiency Center, UC Davis
Pacific Gas & Electric
Davis Energy Group
Southern California Edison
Human Behavior and Market ResearchJan. 2012Contractors Walk on the Wild Side: Why?University of California- Davis
Human Behavior and Market ResearchJan. 2012HVAC Educational Needs AssessmentEnergy Market Innovations, Inc.
Technology ResearchDec. 2010HVAC Energy Efficiency Maintenance StudyDavis Energy Group, Inc.
UC Davis, WCEC
Other Useful HVAC ReportsAug. 2010Operations & Maintenance Best Practices - A Guide to Achieving Operational EfficiencyPacific Northwest National Laboratory
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