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Your organization is joining a select group of HVAC, energy efficiency, facility, and property management organizations whose representatives work with one another and with educators, utilities, and government to curb energy waste and increase the efficiency of HVAC systems in California and beyond.

The WHPA has become a model throughout the U.S. to advance energy efficiency through engagement and collaboration between industry, government, and utilities. We look forward to you and your colleagues bringing your expertise to this organization.

This web page provides a convenient orientation to the WHPA. Getting acquainted with the materials will help you come up to speed quickly on the history of the HVAC energy efficiency issues and activities in California, and on the work of the WHPA since its founding in 2009. It will also help you become an effective contributor to the committees and or working groups with which you are associated.

If you have any questions during your early days as a WHPA member, feel free to contact us at info [at] performancealliance [dot] org.

Thank you for joining us.

Jeanne Duvall (PG&E) and Ron Jarnagin (ASHRAE)
Co-Chairs, WHPA Executive Committee

Quick Start with the WHPA

This page provides an overview to the many aspects of membership in the WHPA. It includes the following sections:
  • Rules and Responsibilities of Membership
  • Your Colleagues - List of WHPA Member organizations, and WHPA Registered Individuals
  • Organizational Structure, Including Committees and Working Groups
  • WHPA Work Product
  • Energy Efficiency Policy Overview
  • For More Information

Rules and Responsibilities of Membership

When your organization joins the WHPA, it is important to familiarize yourself with several key documents. We know it’s a lot, but these documents provide the context in which collaboration amongst WHPA members is founded. Ultimately, it’s the fastest way to prepare yourself for optimal participation!

The Code of Conduct spells out the required behavior of all WHPA member organizations. Adherence to the Code of Conduct ensures the integrity of the WHPA and the deliverables that are developed by the WHPA.

The WHPA Charter provides clear guidelines about the operation of the WHPA, especially the various organizational bodies. It covers topics as voting, selection of the chair, and a myriad of other "rules of order". Understanding the WHPA Charter is an essential part of you and your organization’s effective participation in the WHPA. Please visit the Charter Information page. There you can review a PowerPoint tutorial on the charter, or listen to a video presentation (1 hour 15 minutes)

HVAC Convener Report: The statewide energy efficiency strategic planning process that took place in late 2007 and early 2008 involved the effort of hundreds of stakeholders. They were organized by sector—HVAC being one—and each stakeholder group was overseen by a "Convener" who was appointed jointly by the CPUC and CEC. The work product produced by each group of stakeholders was called a "Convener Report." All the Convener Reports were in the Appendices of early drafts of the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan. Eventually, each of the Convener Reports was summarized in the "California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan" which was adopted in the Summer of 2008. Eventually, the appendices were removed to make the CEESP a more digestible document. The HVAC Convener Report was unique in that it not only informed the Strategic Plan, but was also used as the foundation for a California Energy Commission (CEC) staff report to the legislature that was required by Assembly Bill 2021. The HVAC Convener Report was further edited, then submitted to the legislature as originally agreed by the CPUC and CEC under the name "Strategic Plan to Reduce the Energy Impact of Air Conditioners."

The HVAC Action Plan is designed to help California’s HVAC sector achieve the goals described in The California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan sets forth a roadmap for energy efficiency in California through the year 2020 and beyond, articulating the vision and goals for each economic sector and identifies specific strategies to assist in achieving those goals.

Your Colleagues – List of WHPA Member Organizations and Registered Individuals

The Member Organization page all WHPA members, their membership categories, and links to their websites.

Each organization may have one or more individuals participating in the WHPA. Registered Individuals to view a list of all registrants. It's a convenient way to quickly learn a little about your colleagues in a group you are participating in.

Organizational Structure, Including Committees and Working Groups

The broad organizational structure of the WHPA is pictured on this webpage. The WHPA is governed by the Executive Committee, with the broadly-based Council of Advisors providing industry-based strategic direction.

WHPA Work Product

A major goal of the WHPA committees and working groups is to develop work product. These deliverables go through a review process. Ultimately they may be presented to the Executive Committee and become "WHPA Work Product" and be posted on the WHPA website. Click here for the list of finalized work products.

For More Information

As a new member of the WHPA you will be contacted by a member of the WHPA staff. That person will listen to your interests and discuss opportunities to participate in WHPA committees and working groups. You may also be contacted by committee and working group Chairs.

Feel free to email if you have any unanswered questions.
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