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The Western HVAC Performance Alliance (WHPA) is a fusion of HVAC, energy efficiency, facility, and property management organizations whose decision-maker-level appointees work with one another, with educators, with utilities, and with government to curb energy waste.

Membership in the WHPA is free. Impact follows.

WHPA members participate in committees and working groups, using their collective expertise to inform California utilities and regulating agencies on issues such as HVAC system specification, compliance, sizing, installation, commissioning, operation, service, and maintenance.

WHPA Committees and Working Groups are listed to the left. If your organization would like to participate in any of these groups, please register to join.

For more background on the WHPA, please read the About Us page.

Industry News

CPUC Releases California Commercial Saturation Survey Report

WHPA members might be especially interested in information supplied in this CA CPUC funded California Commercial Saturation (CCS) study in Section 9 related to commercial HVAC equipment. The study included types of equipment, make and model, age, condition and rated SEER distribution. This information could be used by the CPUC/ED to develop improved marketplace baseline for installed systems, especially commercial packaged rooftop units and split systems.

California Commercial Saturation Survey (CSS) Report – FINAL Click here to view the document
California Commercial Saturation Survey (CSS) Appendices – FINAL Click here to view the document


Seeking Experts on Commercial Quality Maintenance

A re-activated Standard 180 Committee was fast-tracked through the summer ASHRAE meeting by WHPA CO-Chair Bob Baker, an AHRAE Fellow, and other supporters.

WHPA members and industry experts on commercial quality maintenance are invited to submit applications to join the newly-approved Committee to consider revisions to Standard 180.

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New National HVAC Furnace Fan Efficiency Standards Announced for 2019

The Department of Energy (DOE) issued new efficiency standards today that will dramatically reduce the energy use of a little-known home energy hog. Furnace fans, which circulate heated and cooled air throughout a home, consume more than twice the electricity in a year as a typical new refrigerator. The new standards will cut the cost to power furnace fans by about 40% and also deliver improved comfort.

Hoover Institution Publishes Report on California’s Electricity Policy Future Beyond 2020

The Hoover Institution and Dian Grueneich, Commissioner Emeritus of the CPUC, have published a report on California’s Electricity Policy Future Beyond 2020.

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to view the report.

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Working Group Delivers Listings of Regulatory Policy Activity and Resources

August 14, 2014 – A special Working Group created to meet a 2014 WHPA goal to Improve the visibility of information about California utility and public policy organizations as they relate to HVAC and energy efficiency has published its first deliverable.

New WHPA Webpage Lists Utility HVAC Incentive Programs

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