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The Western HVAC Performance Alliance (WHPA) is a fusion of HVAC, energy efficiency, facility, and property management organizations, researchers, educators, utilities, and regulatory agencies whose decision-maker-level appointees work with one another to curb energy waste. WHPA member organizations employ well over a million professionals.

WHPA members participate in committees and working groups, using their collective expertise to inform the development and implementation of efficiency policy and programs focused on topics such as HVAC workforce education and training, HVAC system specifications, code compliance, proper installation, system commissioning, operation, service, and maintenance, and emerging HVAC technologies.

WHPA Committees and Working Groups are listed to the left. If your organization would like to participate in any of these groups, please register to join.

For more background on the WHPA, please read the About Us page.

Membership in the WHPA is free. Active participation is recommended.  Impact follows.


Invitation to Participate in Energy Efficiency Business Plan Development

March 9, 2016 - The CPUC-Authorized Coordinating Committee has invited WHPA members to participate in a series of stakeholder public meetings next week to gather input and advice on the development of SDG&E, SoCalGas, SCE, PG&E, Marin Clean Energy, SoCalREN and BayREN’s energy efficiency Business Plans.

This is an opportunity to influence the design and delivery of energy efficiency programs in California over the next five years. Business Plans must be submitted to the CPUC on September 1, 2016. Therefore, we have from now until August 1 to participate in the process.

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