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The Commercial QI Committee is forming and actively recruiting. If you are interested or would like more information, please email Bob Sundberg by clicking here.

Activities of the Committee


The Milestones and Key Actions in the table below will help illuminate and guide the work of the Committee. They are documented in the Quality HVAC Installation and Maintenance section of the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Action Plan. The Action Plan was developed with input from the Investor-Owned Utilities, the Western HVAC Performance Alliance, and other stakeholders to help California’s HVAC sector achieve the goals described in the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan published by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Committee Overview



PURPOSE: The Commercial QI Committee is charged with developing a “Road Map” for how a Commercial QI program can help California meet the energy savings goals listed in the Strategic Plan. These goals (for HVAC) are:


1. Permits for 50% of work by 2015 and 90% by 2020

2. 100% of installations meet quality standards by 20203

3. Integrated design & construction practices standard by 2020

4. 15% of equipment installed optimized for our climate by 2015, rising to 70% by 2020.


The committee has focused on Goal #2 (installations meet quality standards) as the one a QI group is best suited to address. The other goals will be kept in mind, and where we can help address them within a QI framework we will do so.

APPROACH: The committee needs to formalize what is meant by “quality standards”, and develop a protocol that, if followed, will ensure that commercial installations done in California meet the agreed quality standards. There are accepted standards already developed within the HVAC industry after much discussion by stakeholders (manufacturers, contractors, utilities, regulators, etc.) and it makes the most sense to adopt such an existing accepted standard.


COMMITTEE ROADMAP: Additional information on the committee roadmap is in the attached document.

HVAC Action Plan Documentation Referencing Commercial QI


Strategy 2.1: Create a statewide quality installation and maintenance (QI/QM) brand that will be attached to systems/installations/contractors that meet quality standards.

Because it is difficult for the layperson to identify what a quality HVAC installation looks like, the Strategic Plan introduced specific milestones to improve the customer’s ability to identify, procure and verify quality installation. The complex process of developing an effective brand that resonates with California consumers—including the development of brand attributes, as well as “look-and-feel” of a logo—begins with a review of the building energy efficiency standards to precisely define QI/QM (including a clear accounting of HVAC lifecycle costs and benefits, such as price, longevity and performance), translated for broader public consumption. With a foundation of the branding approach set in a clear definition, mission and purpose, California must develop statewide guidelines and standards that allow logo use only with verified projects that meet QI/QM standards—or risk challenges to brand value. Given the time and expertise required, this strategy requires near-term focus, including initiation of a WPHA marketing committee and market adoption subcommittee.


Key Actions



Create and launch statewide quality brand and/or align with national brand

Agree to standards of quality maintenance and key attributes of brand

Q3 2011

Assess existing brands for alignment opportunities

Q3 2011

Develop brand guidelines and marketing campaign

Q4 2011

Launch campaign

Q1 2012


Develop operating and lifecycle data on economic and comfort benefits

Assess existing operating and lifecycle data on economic and comfort benefits of quality HVAC installations

Q3 2011

Identify gaps in current data

Q3 2011

Create work plan to fill data gaps

Q4 2011

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