Mission and Structure

The mission of this committee is to make recommendations to operationalize the ACCA-ASHRAE-ANSI Standard 180 (Quality Maintenance).  We work with industry, IOU, and state agency stakeholders to:
  • Raise standard delivering quality maintenance to end users.
  • Recommend research of maintenance and diagnostic technology to deliver more effective maintenance and develop an effective value proposition for end users. 
  • Provide input to the IOUs on Quality Maintenance Incentives and California IOU Commercial Quality Maintenance program improvement.
The Commercial Quality Maintenance Committee reports to the Executive Committee. The CQM Standard 180 User Guide Working Group reports to the CQM Committee. The complete WHPA organization chart can be viewed here

2016-2017 SMART Goal Topics

  1. In light of AB 802, define key performance indicators for CQM and translate into customer value propositions
  2. Provide input into appropriate business plans as requested
  3. Provide review and input into IOU CQM work paper
Click here to view the Committee's Implementation Plans.

Status and Meeting Information

Don Langston (ACCA) is the Chair of this Committee.

The Commercial Quality Maintenance Committee is currently recruiting new members. The full Committee meets monthly and the working groups meet frequently. There are two Working Groups supporting the work of the Committee (see above, Reporting Structure).

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please email Bob Sundberg.

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