The mission of the committee is to support improving the effectiveness and expansion of IOU/municipal commercial quality installation (CQI) programs with a goal of developing a CQI concept that can be accepted and implemented by the HVAC industry. The CQI Committee:
  1. Advocates for CPUC/ED and CQI program agreement on measurable, quantifiable performance evaluation methods to be used by program participating contractors in system evaluation as well as by CPUC/ED program evaluation consultants.
  2. Formalizes what is meant by “quality installation” and develop a protocol, in collaboration with utility and CPUC/ED, that, if followed, will ensure that commercial installations done in California meet the agreed quality standards.
  3. Quantifies the benefits of CQI practices and the potential and actually achieved energy savings.
  4. Supports development of utility "claimed savings" work papers which will lead to greater program financial support, stability, increased participation and program expansion and far more rapid marketplace adoption of CQI as the norm.

2016-2017 SMART Goal Topics

1. Create a performance-driven definition for (commercial) efficient HVAC installations
2. Provide input into appropriate business plans as requeste

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Reporting Structure and Committee Status

The Commercial Quality Installation Committee (CQI) reports to the Executive Committee. To see the complete WHPA organization chart, click here.

This Committee is active and currently recruiting new members. The Chair of this Committee is Rob Falke (NCI). WHPA Support Staff is provided by Bob Sundberg.  For more information, please email Bob Sundberg by clicking here.

Committee Work Product

The WHPA Executive Committee requested the Commercial Installation Committee publish a performance-based definition of an efficient commercial HVAC system installation. This definition was to apply to packaged and split DX cooling systems from 1.5 to 25 tons.

View work product: CQI Definition of an Efficient Commercial HVAC Installation  >>
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