AB758 Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan Out For Review


The draft Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan has been posted to www.energy.ca.gov/ab758/documents/
. The WHPA AB 758 Committee will start work reviewing the document at its next meeting.

This plan, required by Assembly Bill 758, provides a 10-year roadmap to dramatically increase energy efficiency in existing residential, commercial, and public buildings, consistent with Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.'s goal to double efficiency in California's existing buildings by 2030.

The California Energy Commission will work with the California Public Utilities Commission, other agencies, local governments, and industry stakeholders including the WHPA AB 758 Committee to achieve the plan objectives. Public workshops will be scheduled for spring and summer, and stakeholder feedback will be incorporated into a final plan.

The first workshop was held on April 7, 2015. Click here for workshop notice. Please subscribe to the Existing Buildings ListServ (www.energy.ca.gov/ab758/) to receive the workshop notice.

Comments will be accepted through April 21, 2015. You may comment through the electronic commenting system at the link below. For more information: www.energy.ca.gov/ab758/documents/index.html.
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