Peter C. Jacobs, P.E

Peter C. Jacobs, P.E is founder and President of BuildingMetrics Incorporated (BMI), an energy engineering firm located in Boulder, Colorado specializing in building energy analysis and metering and monitoring services. He is currently an advisor to the California Public Utility Commission and the New York State Department of Public Service, providing support in the areas of impact evaluation, energy engineering and M&V.

BMI was formed to provide expert energy engineering and contract research and development services to utilities, state agencies and industry. Founded in 2005 by Peter C. Jacobs, P.E., BMI specializes in engineering analysis, building energy simulation modeling, and measurement and verification (M&V) of energy efficiency programs and projects. BMI has applied engineering analysis and building energy simulation techniques to a variety of residential, commercial and industrial evaluations.

Mr. Jacobs has been at the forefront of the field of energy engineering as the lead author of Engineering Methods for Estimating the Impacts of Demand-Side Management Programs, a three volume set of handbooks produced for the Electric Power Research Institute. He has pioneered the measurement-based engineering approach and has applied these techniques to numerous residential and commercial research projects since 1993.

He is experienced in the use of portable and hard-wired data acquisition systems, building diagnostic test equipment and data analysis. Mr. Jacobs was responsible for the measurement and verification chapter and the engineering methods sections of the impact chapter of the California Evaluation Framework. BMI was a subcontractor to the Tecmarket Works team that prepared the 2005 California Energy Efficiency Evaluation Protocols, and had lead responsibility for developing the M&V section of the Protocol.
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