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Information About Joining the Market Adoption Subcommittee


The Market Adoption Subcommittee is actively recruiting new participants.  Participation is open to anyone, but please be aware that there is a selection process for choosing voting members.
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HVAC Action Plan Documentation Referencing Market Adoption


Strategy 4.3: Accelerate market penetration of advanced technologies by HVAC industry promotions and updating/expanding current utility programs to include the new technologies as appropriate.

While there are a variety of tools to motivate market transformation (e.g., graduated incentives), the Strategic Plan considers emerging technologies—innovative technologies, applications and analytical tools and services not yet widely adopted—as fundamental to achieving California’s energy efficiency vision. The Strategic Plan’s ambitious goals for HVAC require greater partnership with efficiency entrepreneurs and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to overcome market barriers and ensure that advanced cooling technologies (including accounting for real-time costs during peak periods via advanced metering systems) survive the “Valley of Death” (a period after new products are introduced, but languish due to market entry challenges) and end-up in California’s homes and businesses. In addition, OEM manufacturer product development and launch cycles must be recognized in the Action Plan process.  In addition to the ability to update ratepayer-funded programs mid-cycle (via advice letters), 2010 launched efforts (detailed below) to encourage introduction of promising technologies for this high priority strategy.


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