California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee

Ad Hoc Business Plan Working Group Discussion
Thursday, September 8 from 1-4PM Pacific Time
Teleconference number: 212-727-4600 / passcode 0817894#
No webcast

California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee (CAEECC) will be having an Ad Hoc Working Group discussion this Thursday from 1:00 to 4:00 PM to discuss selected topics to be addressed in the Business Plans. The meeting is hosted by the Sheet Metal Works Union Local 104 in their offices at 1939 Market Street (at Guerrero Street) in San Francisco. Please see the meeting webpage for an updated agenda, more details on meeting logistics (including options on how to get there), and remote participation option details.
The purpose of this voluntary discussion session is to allow stakeholders to share their initial, more detailed perspectives on selected matters expected to be addressed in the PA Business Plans. The discussion topics have been expanded in response to CAEECC member feedback on the initial topic list circulated last week.
During this meeting, they will avoid reiterating previous CAEECC meeting conversations and stakeholder input, which are captured in the record.  Also, they will avoid conversations about program design or future CA policy change opportunities.
No official CAEECC actions will be taken at this meeting, but meeting notes will be posted. 
Please contact the CAEECC Facilitation Team by email at if you have questions about these matters or need assistance with the website.

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Shea Dibble
WHPA Director, Regulatory Affairs and Policy

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