Invitation to HVAC Cost Effectiveness Testing Educational Webinar



August 21st Cost Effectiveness Testing Educational Webinar sponsored by the WHPA Energy Savings & DEER Committee

August 2015   

When: August 21st from 11am to noon Pacific

What: You are cordially invited to attend a WHPA webinar on Cost Effectiveness Testing. Ed Vine with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is the featured speaker.

The webinar is sponsored by the WHPA Energy Savings & DEER Committee and includes both presentation and an open Q&A session. It will address the following:

  • What are cost effectiveness tests and what do they tell us? 
  • Why are there so many different tests?
  • Who in California decides which test(s) will be used in the state? 
  • Why does California use the TRC (Total Resource Cost test)?
  • Even though the TRC formula includes both the value of and cost of NEBs (non-energy benefits) in the formula, why has the TRC been a problematic test in practice, particularly for measures such as HVAC maintenance in which NEBs play such a big part of buying decisions?

Mark your calendar for 8/21 from 11am to noon Pacific! For a formal calendar notice, contact WHPA Staff at


  1. On August 21st, by 10:55 a.m. Pacific, click this WebEx link:
  2. Enter your name, organization and email address.
  3. Enter Password: WHPA
  4. Dial (650) 479-3208 and enter access code: 662 177 083.


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