Code of Conduct


Western HVAC Performance Alliance Code of Conduct

Participants of all Western HVAC Performance Alliance (WHPA) meetings, Committees, Working Groups, and ad hoc meetings shall adhere to the following code of conduct:

  1. All individuals participating in meetings will be treated with dignity, honoring their uniqueness and value. There will be no tolerance for discrimination in any form. 
  2. Participants must deal with each other in an open, honest and respectful fashion. 
  3. Meeting participants must represent loyalty to the interests of the WHPA rather than individual constituencies. In cases where this is not possible, conflicts of interest must be declared at the outset of any discussions. 
  4. Information is to be kept confidential unless authorized for release by a Co-Chair of the Executive Committee and/or the Chair of the Marketing Committee or their official delegate. 
  5. Participants should not speak on behalf of the WHPA unless authorized to do so by the  Co-Chair of the Executive Committee and/or the Chair of the Marketing Committee or their official delegate.
  6. Participants should make every effort to attend all meetings, complete necessary advance preparation for meetings, and be prepared to spend sufficient time and energy to WHPA business. 
  7. Participants should make every effort to arrive on time for meetings and stay for the duration of the meetings. 
  8. Regardless of their personal viewpoint, meeting participants should not speak against a decision or undermine committee solidarity once a decision is made. 
  9. Communication in meetings will be clear, timely and attentive. 
  10. All comments should be made on Agenda Items only. This helps to prevent meetings from getting off topic and a rehash of old items and topics that someone disagrees with. 
  11. Participants will not exercise undue authority, influence or pressure on decisions. 
  12. No personal attacks should be allowed on anyone, as this not only allows the meeting to deteriorate but is unproductive and unprofessional.
  13. Conflict shall be dealt with in a rational, timely manner. 
  14. Any time limits that have been made must be complied with and adhered to by all participants. Possibly there is an item on the agenda that is worthy of more time or owner participation. If this is the case, the Chairperson may alter the time and how it will be allocated. 
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