COA Plan Revision Working Group


The work of this committee was to provide WHPA guidance and support to the 2015 Revision of the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan (CEESP) by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

This committee had the following goals for 2015:
  1. Define goals and Action Plans for 2015
  2. In support of Goal #2 below, engage the COA, and through it the WHPA committees and consultant under its direction, to gather and/or develop HVAC industry information germane and valuable to the authors of the 2015 Strategic Plan Revision and the CPUC, in a form that is easily accessible, readily understood by non-HVAC audiences, and can be directly incorporated in that document.
  3. Ensure the WHPA provides a voice for the HVAC industry in the 2015 Strategic Plan Revision, being a primary provider of expert HVAC information and HVAC energy policy recommendations to that document. Do this by engaging the CPUC and others involved and offering the resources of the WHPA’s broad base of industry representation and expertise to provide information.
Click here for milestones, owners, deliverables, due dates, and dependencies for each goal.

Strategic Plan and 2015 SMART Goal Alignment

This Working Group is aligned with all of the Goals in the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, termed Cross-Cutting HVAC Goals 1-4. Click here for more information. It is aligned with 2015 SMART Goal 1, “Revise HVAC Components of the CA Strategic Plan and HVAC Action Plan.” Click here for more information on SMART Goal 1.

Reporting Structure and Committee Status

The Plan Revision Working Group reported to the Council of Advisors. The Working Group has completed it's work and is no longer active.

Activities of Working Group

SMART Goal 1 - Revise HVAC Components of the CA Strategic Plan and HVAC Action Plan

In 2015, the WHPA Council of Advisors, using a collaborative process, will continue the development of a current policy, program, market sector, and tangible metrics information toolbox for ten key HVAC topic areas, which will be submitted to the CPUC to support updates of the CA Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan
and HVAC Action Plan.  This goal will be measured by the completion and EC approval of the toolbox by December 31, 2015.

CEESP & EBEE Plans Collaboration

On April 29th, representatives from the CPUC, CEC, and Utilities joined the WHPA in a landmark ‘Industry Collaboration Teleconference Webinar’ to discuss the WHPA-facilitated stakeholder engagement process for the CPUC’s revision of its California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan (CEESP V2.0) and the CEC’s update to its Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan. Participant stakeholders representing all aspects of the California energy efficiency and HVAC markets had an opportunity to learn about how the WHPA, CPUC and CEC would engage each other in the stakeholder process, as well as openly interact with CPUC and CEC representatives directly responsible for their Plan’s respective revisions.

Questions and Answers for Plan Revision Team; prepared by WHPA Staff Dave Van Holde

What are the key deliverables?

  1. Updated / revised HVAC chapters of the 2014 CEESP provided on a schedule to be set by the CPUC
  2. Updated / revised HVAC Action Plan by December 31, 2014

    What tasks must be carried out (very generally):
  3. Assemble a 'core team' of 4-8 persons with responsibility to:
    1. Structure tasks necessary to achieve the key deliverables
    2. Identify needs, scope requirements, seek approval and assign resources (both WHPA and other) to these tasks as appropriate:
      1. WHPA members
      2. WHPA staff
      3. Other
    1. Oversee tasks to completion

      ** [A core team is conceived as the architect and manager of this SMART goal. Mark Lowry is identified as appropriate lead for this team, given his position as Chair of the Council of Advisors. Committee representatives will be selected to make up this core team, nominally designated in consultation with existing Committee Chairs. As conceived, there will also be 1 IOU rep, + 1 CPUC rep (Nils Strindberg) on the core team.]
  1. Core team task: As a first task, the core team will make a Work Plan for 2014 to produce the key deliverables and deliver this Plan to the EC by 12/31/13. As noted above, this Work Plan is seen as comprised of a '2-phase' project: (1) CEESP update; (2) HVAC Action Plan update.
  2. Core team task: Sort / review CEESP elements into '5 buckets,' representing:

 .         The 4 current CEESP HVAC goals (Code Compliance, QI/QM, Whole Building Design, Climate-appropriate HVAC Technologies), and;

    1. Anything that is needed and does not fit in those groups (orphans - new or different)

      **[It is anticipated that this task will seek to "leverage work done in past Plans and by Committees so far to the maximum practical degree without being constrained by past work". Identification of gaps will help to define needed revisions and additions as opposed to simple updates. It is anticipated that there will be a significant mapping / cataloging exercise to determine what has been done that is applicable to Strategic Plan 2.0 strategies/actions/goals as part of the "4+1 buckets exercise". Note that this mapping / cataloguing exercise (somewhat along the lines of a limited literature review) can be tasked to "informed individuals" in advance of the "buckets" exercise described above.]
  1. Core team task: Conduct a 'brainstorming' session to review, sort and prioritize the current elements of the CEESP HVAC chapters, selecting those to carry forward in the update, and to identify and incorporate any new elements identified as needed.
  2. Produce update/revision of the HVAC chapters of the 2014 CEESP on schedule defined by CPUC (nominally Q3 of 2013).

 .         The task of update / revision is seen as likely to be assigned to separate Working Groups, largely in subject matter alignment with the current 4 major committees, for both phases. May need other Working Groups as well.

** [Breakout team view was that in order to succeed, this needs to be a revision/update; more than a redline, but NOT a wholesale rewrite.]

  1. Produce update/revision to the HVAC Action Plan by December 31, 2014 (using Strategic Plan 2.0 guidance, even if not yet adopted).
  2. Regular reports on progress of this SMART Goal #1 to the Executive Committee.
  3. Persons Present in the Nov. 14, 2013 Pasadena breakout group
    • Mark Lowry - RSES
    • Mark Cherniack – WHPA Staff
    • Mark Meyers - CALBO
    • Bob Wiseman - IHACI
    • James Tuleya – PG&E
    • Simon Baker – CPUC
    • Kristin Heinemeier – WCEC
    • Ravi Patel – SMUD
    • Tiger Adolf – BPI
    • Valerie Briggs – NATE
    • Mike O'Halloran – AHRI
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