HVAC Workforce Education & Training Committee

The work of this Committee was completed at the end of 2014.


The mission of this Committee was to provide expert guidance and review of HVAC education, taking a broad view including technicians, sales personnel, and others.  This Committee and its Working Groups have met since 2011 and have created a number of Work Products.  See the Committee Work Products section of this page for further information. 

Strategic Plan and 2015 SMART Goal Alignment

This Committee was aligned with California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan (CEESP) Goal 2. This goal is concerned with Quality Installation, Quality Maintenance, and Workforce Education & Training. The goal is stated as Quality HVAC installation and maintenance becomes the norm. The marketplace understands and values the performance benefits of quality installation and maintenance. CLICK HERE for more information on CEESP Goal 2.

This Committee was aligned with the 2015 SMART Goals.
CLICK HERE for descriptions of the 2015 SMART Goals.

Reporting Structure


The HVAC Workforce Education & Training Committee reports to the Executive Committee.

The WE&T Sales Working Group reports to the HVAC Workforce Education & Training Committee.

To see the complete WHPA organization chart CLICK HERE.

Status and Meeting Information

Erik Emblem (JCEEP/SMWIA) is Chair of this Committee. Daniel Jones (Honeywell) is Vice Chair of the Committee.

The Workforce Education & Training Committee is complete.  If you have any questions, please email Wendy Worrell of the WHPA Staff Support by clicking here.

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Statewide IOU HVAC Sector Strategy Webinar on Selling Standard 180-Based Maintenance

July 30, 2014 - A joint webinar was held by the WHPA and SDG&E called, "Selling Standard 180-Based Maintenance - A Diagonal Slice Perspective." Below you will find a link to the complete webinar (audio and video), followed by links to the individual presentations (slides only).

Individual presentations from webinar:

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