Invitation to WHPA Baseline Webinar


You are cordially invited to attend the WHPA Energy Savings & DEER Committee Sponsored Baseline Webinar. Pete Jacobs with BuildingMetrics is the featured speaker.   Speaker bio » / Agenda »

When: Tuesday, October 18th, 11am - 12pm PDT


Webex link
Password: WHPA
Dial-in: (650) 479-3208
Access code: 662 209 977

The webinar will also be recorded and posted on the WHPA's Work Product page.


  • Summary of AB 802
  • Summary of CPUC Staff Whitepaper on Existing Conditions Baseline
  • Summary of recent Proposed Decision by ALJ Julie Fitch regarding the Practical Implementation of AB 802

What is a baseline?

In Decision 14-10-046, the CPUC provided a basic explanation of what a baseline is. A baseline estimates a hypothetical level of energy consumption prior to the efficiency measure being implemented as a point of comparison for determining savings. “Figuring out what you saved requires figuring out what you would have consumed without the efficiency measure.”

Traditionally, incentives for energy efficiency projects have been measured based on how much energy savings occur above energy code (code baseline) rather than how much energy savings occur compared with the existing conditions (existing conditions baseline), which are often below code.

Why do baselines matter?

The choice of baseline method has significant ramifications to all aspects of energy efficiency savings calculations, “including the existence or amount of savings, customer eligibility for incentives, the amount of incentives, whether a Program Administrator meets it Commission-established savings goals, and the award of shareholder incentives.” 

In general, the lower the baseline, the easier it is to claim more savings and achieve cost-effectiveness goals.

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