CQM Standard 180 Section 4 Working Group


This Working Group was established by the CQM Committee to provide comprehensive review and recommendations for Section 4 of ANSI/ACCA/ASHRAE Standard 180. This Section deals with Implementation. The reports that this Working Group develops will, after review by the WHPA Executive Committee, be provided to the Standard 180 Committee of ACCA/ASHRAE and made available to other public entities.

Strategic Plan and 2015 SMART Goal Alignment

This Working Group is aligned with California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan (CEESP) Goal 2.This goal is concerned with Quality Installation, Quality Maintenance, and Workforce Education & Training. The goal is stated as Quality HVAC installation and maintenance becomes the norm. The marketplace understands and values the performance benefits of quality installation and maintenance. CLICK HERE for more information on CEESP Goal 2.

This Committee is aligned with the 2015 SMART Goals. CLICK HERE for descriptions of the 2015 SMART Goals.

Activities of Working Group and 2015 Implementation Plan


This Working Group meets monthly to provide develop a comprehensive review and recommendations for Section 4 of ANSI/ACCA/ASHRAE Standard 180.  The end product will be one or more documents.

2015 Implementation Plan

  1. Define minimally acceptable refrigeration cycle performance to inform revision of Task N: Refrigeration Cycle Diagnostics. Seek out and help evaluate advanced technologies that contribute to improved new or existing RTU EE performance.
  2. Review and revise Economizer Table 5-12 maintenance task descriptions.

Reporting Structure

The CQM Standard 180 Section 4 Working Group reports to the Commercial Quality Maintenance (CQM) Committee.

The CQM Committee reports to the Executive Committee.

To see the complete WHPA organization chart CLICK HERE.

Status and Meeting Information


The Chair of this Working Group is Mike Gallagher (Western Allied).

The CQM Standard 180 Section 4 Working Group is complete and is no longer active.

Work Products

1. CQM Section 4 Working Group Standard 180 Proposed Revisions. CLICK HERE FOR REPORT.

Commentary on Report
This draft report is intended to inform the ASHRAE/ACCA/ANSI Standard 180 Committee of current suggested revisions to the standard prepared by a group of WHPA subject matter experts. The report highlights topic and subject areas which the Working Group believed to need further clarification in order that Section 4 of the Standard be implemented in a more consistent manner and help both the building owners and their service providers share a common understanding of the standard terms and requirements. Output of this working group will also be considered by California utilities as they work to refine and improve their quality maintenance programs.

This is an initial report specifically focused on Section 3 Definitions, Section 4 Implementation, and the informative appendices. Future updated reports will also be submitted to the Standard 180 Committee and made available to California utilities. This report and future reports are intended to be fully considered in the context of the ANSI review process for future updates of Standard 180 and/or the preparation of other materials, such as user guides, that support improved implementation of Standard 180.

2. CQM Committee ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Maintenance Task Working Group Report – Table 5 - 22 Rooftop Units. CLICK HERE FOR REPORT.

Commentary on Report
The Commercial Quality Maintenance Committee Maintenance Task Working Group prepared this report on ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Table 5-22 Rooftop Units as the first in a series of reports that will be issued by the Working Group in the 2014-2015 timeframe. This first report looks specifically at many of the maintenance tasks listed in Table 5-22 that are related to DX packaged/rooftop equipment. The report provides an expert explanation of the tasks as well as additional guidance for technicians performing maintenance related to these tasks. It was adopted June 11, 2014 by the WHPA Executive Committee.

The review of Standard 180 is not yet complete and this report is only intended to be one of several such documents. The Working Group has identified several areas within Standard 180 that will need a much more comprehensive review and these areas will be addressed by this and at least one other Working Group well into 2015. The areas identified for additional review include: Table 5-22, Task n (Check Refrigerant System) – estimated completion in October, 2014 Table 5-12, Tasks a-k (Economizers) – estimated completion in May, 2015
CQM Committee

3. ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 Maintenance Task Working Group Report – Interim Report. CLICK HERE FOR REPORT.

Commentary on Interim Report

On February 27, 2010, the Commercial Quality Maintenance Committee, later renamed the Maintenance Task Working Group, issued an interim report of their findings on basic / fundamental tasking. As a result of the work done by this Tasking Committee, they were able to influence and propose a change in subsequent versions of the Standard 180.
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